Yondu offers custom-fit retail solutions to help local businesses shift to digital

Photo from Pexels.

By: Gadgets Magazine

For leading IT Solutions company Yondu, the e-commerce era has long been here, but many Filipinos may have been caught unprepared for it. With the rise of online selling, this is slowly changing.

The behavior of now normal consumers has shifted toward a heavier reliance on the digital space. As of October 2020, data from creative agency We Are Social pointed out that there are almost 5 billion internet users around the world spending nearly seven hours online daily.

With the behavioral change among Filipino consumers accelerated by restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, even industries like retail needed to adopt a renewed and more innovative business model. Management consulting company Mckinsey also stated that transforming the consumer experience would heavily leverage technologies, thus retail industry stakeholders must focus evolving with the landscape to maintain relevance and competitiveness.

Recently, Yondu enabled a grocery application for a popular local supermarket chain in the Philippines, giving consumers a safer, more convenient shopping experience. With the Yondu-developed mobile app, customers can add items to their digital cart and pay online. They can then opt to pick up their items at the branch of their choice or have their goods delivered at their doorstep. By leveraging technology, this supermarket chain’s customers can finish their shopping in just a few clicks, and can also avoid long queues during payments and lessen the trips they need to take outside of their homes.

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