What’s ahead in 2021?

Photo from: pexels.com

By: Manila Bulletin/Panorama

Here’s an excerpt from Manila Bulletin–Panorama magazine, featuring messages from some of the retailers in the country:

Here are some heartfelt messages from industry leaders that should remind us to bring with us and keep with us a lot of faith, a lot of hope, and a lot of precious lessons learned as we emerge from this year of constant challenge. Happy New Year to all!

Better is a word we all deserve in 2021. It should be the natural outcome of every life experience. It must be who we are and what we should be after every mistake made and lesson learned. This year, 2020, has given us so much time to reflect on our lives. We learned that the act of one person could affect an entire community. We learned that even in our isolation, we could make a difference in other people’s lives. We learned that the interest of all should take precedence over our personal plans. I hope we can take this mindset onward. I hope we remember well and learn well so that we can expect better and live better. Better is a word I wish for myself, for every fellow Filipino, and for our nation. —Ben Chan, founder, Bench, chairman and CEO, Suyen Corporation

I am almost sure everyone will wish for the end of this pandemic to come with 2021. It’s what we should all wish for, for each other. Wish that we are able to get back to normal, not to be afraid of touching and hugging each other to show affection, especially to family members. We must never take anything for granted. It’s the biggest lesson from the pandemic. Nothing is sure, so always be prepared. But it is God’s gift to us, the strength we need for as long as we depend on Him and put our trust in Him. Survival is the key. As Jack Ma said, “Just to survive this pandemic is already success.” —Nedy Tantoco, chair, Rustan’s Commercial Corporation

This unique and challenging time has reminded me of the value of hope and the power of books. Reading has served not just as an escape or comfort, but also a way of improving my skills and expanding my knowledge while at home. I know that even after this pandemic, I will continue to make time to read. Despite everything we have faced, I truly believe we will emerge from this pandemic with many lessons learned and with a new perspective on how we live our lives and what we prioritize. I am praying for and looking forward to a better 2021 for all of us. —Xandra Ramos, managing director, National Book Store

Amid all our well-laid-out plans, life is full of surprises and uncertainties. We just have to be resilient, flexible, and optimistic to be able to meet these challenges. This is a lesson we should take with us into the New Year. —Tessie Sy-Coson, co-chair, SM Investments Corporation


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