What shopping tweets reveal


By: Tribune

As the pandemic accelerated the push for e-commerce, physical stores are now shifting their display racks online. Along with this is the evolution of how consumers behave and what they openly share regarding their shopping habits.

Twitter, as the go-to place for #WhatsHappening in the Philippines, is a hotspot for conversations around the latest buys, experiences and online shopping sprees. These are accessible insights that can help brands understand consumers better and why adopting e-commerce is almost a non-negotiable for businesses.

“There’s no doubt that shopping conversations on Twitter are increasing across South East Asia. While we see peaks in the lead-up to e-commerce days and for a few days after, shopping is a year-round conversation on Twitter. As people are shifting more to e-commerce and mobile commerce or m-commerce trend continuing to grow rapidly,” said Arvinder Gujral, managing director, Twitter, South East Asia.

“For brands, this requires a change in the way they approach their marketing. A more in-depth understanding of why people shop online and what influences their online shopping habits is needed, and in the Philippines we are seeing brands turn to Twitter to connect with their customers and leverage the leaned-in nature of people on Twitter in the Philippines.”


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