What it takes to be a “rising tiger” in Asia Pacific? – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 27


Everybody has a different story to tell. Everybody has its own unique experience on how he/she was able to achieve success, but one particular person’s success story emerged as if it was straight out of a story book.

Rami Chahwan, board of directors’ member of Domino’s Pizza Philippines, grew up in an unconventional set-up where he would move from one place to another until his family was able to settle in Canada. With that experience, he learned the importance of inclusion, diversity, and as cliché as it sounds, the perseverance to never give up.

He used his experience to his advantage that led him to land a job in the food and beverage sector, which eventually allowed him to work with globally-recognized brands from his humble beginnings until he started working in key positions.

On Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode, Rami Chahwan, who was recently hailed as one of Asia Leaders’ top 50 rising tigers in Asia Pacific, said that it was because of speed and urgency that made him choose to work in the F&B industry. “You need to take decisions fast, you need to act fast, you need to serve your guest fast to keep them happy”, says Rami.

When asked what other sectors in retail can learn from the F&B industry, he said “in every industry, to reach a goal, there has to be a teamwork because it is not a one man show. It’s making sure that everybody is working towards a common goal.”

Stream and binge-watch his episode in Let’s Talk Retail on March 14 as he shares his journey on working with global F&B brands, importance of people empowerment, lessons from his pandemic experience, and a straightforward advice on hiring/working with professional managers.

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