What it takes to be a good leader?


We are now in a world full of uncertainty, contemplating what we should do next and trying to find a role model to follow and serve as an inspiration. But how would one know if he is following the right person? What are really the qualities of a great leader that one must look for?

Let’s find this out at the upcoming episode of the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) Let’s Talk Retail podcast featuring one of the world’s foremost business and leadership growth coaches, Mark Green.

In this interview, Mark highlighted the importance of leading by example, building a sense of purpose, clarity, and intentionality. He also emphasized the significance of having humility and why it is the highly desired leadership trait that one must possess.

When asked what are the tell-tale signs that a leader should be mindful of, he said “Leaders (must) realize that their whisper is equivalent to a shout in an organization. They (must) realize that their speculation is taken as gospel. They (must) realize that their criticism or questioning something is taken as a death sentence. They don’t realize that their guarded optimism is taken as a victory lap, and everything is amplified. It is just so important that we’re mindful of that and that we do in fact LEAD BY EXAMPLE.”

On the other hand, Mark elaborates on what empathy looks like from a leadership perspective and how it will help build trust with their people and within the organization:  “As a leader you really have to have empathy and be deliberate about that in terms of thinking through, what’s the message that I am trying to impart, to my team or to this person and what’s their point of reference and how do I meet them where they are so that I can grab their hand and walk them across a bridge with me to the place where we share the same information.”

Mark’s interview will premiere on October 21 – 12 noon in the PRA’s YouTube channel. Click subscribe and hit the bell button to be notified first.