WATCH: Virtual reality stores are the future of online shopping

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By: Manila Bulletin

There is no denying that the global fashion and retail industry, much like other industries, depends on the power of the internet to keep its businesses afloat during the pandemic. While there has been a sizeable decline in sales for many brands due to the lack of foot traffic in physical stores, digital operation paved a way for them to avoid total closure in the past year.

On the consumer side, online shopping has been a way for them to safely get what they need. Although fashion or clothing is not among the top essential things on the list in a time of crisis, the purchasing power of the consumer of such goods gave new opportunities for displaced workers. Locally, the e-commerce concept continues to thrive with many brands realizing the benefit that comes from having a digital space. But internationally, a new retail trend emerges in the form of virtual reality (VR) stores.


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