Virtual luxury shopping thrives in the Philippines amid pandemic

Photo from Manila Bulletin

By Manila Bulletin

Taking luxury shopping experience from plush boutiques to the dynamic virtual world has been the challenge for many retail destinations in the country. With their erratic operations due to the ever-changing community quarantines, taking that digital leap has been an essential business step to keep their business afloat during the pandemic. And while malls and retail stores are slowly welcoming back shoppers these days, it is good to know that prior to that, online luxury shopping in the Philippines is a thriving venture, especially for e-commerce platform

Launched on Nov. 6, 2020, the online shopping hub has successfully brought a seamless online shopping experience to discerning customers who value quality brands and premium service relevant to the new normal lifestyle. After a year of operating, it carved a name for itself with its unique concepts, bringing together many of the SSI Group’s brands across four categories: Trunc for the world’s most desirable lifestyle brands; Trunc Show for the most sought after luxury brands; PowderRoom for the most exclusive beauty collections; and Trunc at Home for the finest furnishings, accessories, wine, and food.

“We envisioned as an avenue for customers to access their most trusted brands wherever they are, whatever the circumstances might be,” says Anton Huang, president of SSI Group, Inc. “Our launch happened in the middle of the pandemic yet even so, the market continued to thrive and even projected an optimistic future for the Philippine economy.”

Today, the multi-brand e-commerce site stands as the first site in the Philippines with the most number of locally distributed luxury brands. It is also the only retail site in the country that carries luxury, bridge, beauty, home, and food all in one platform. Furthermore, the site has amassed a running total of more than 25 million page views, with more than 165 brands and approximately 70,000 products for local distribution.

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