VinMart opens Vietnam’s first virtual store

Photo from: VinMart website

(By: Inside Retail Asia)

Vietnamese supermarket chain VinMart claims to have opened Vietnam’s first virtual store.

Run by VinGroup’s subsidiary VinCommerce, the new concept is being tested in 20 locations, including apartments, office buildings, schools and at bus stops, both in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Each store provides images and QR codes of more than 100 product groups for customers to scan and order via VinID app. The products will be delivered within two to four hours.

VinMart launched the Scan&Go function in its app in March, applying it in 73 supermarkets across the country.

Customers can also shop via VinMart’s printed shopping manual or online.


The article is first published on HERE May 24, 2019.