Uniqlo to launch clothes made from recycled plastic bottles

Photo from Uniqlo website

By: Tong Van, Inside Retail Asia

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo and Toray Industries have created apparel made from recycled down and fabric from polyester fibers made with recycled PET bottles.

The technology partnership will lead to clothes made from recycled plastic bottles going on sale next year in Singapore and other Asian markets.

Used Ultra Light Down pieces will be collected by Uniqlo stores and go through extraction process run by Toray-developed system. Materials then will be cleansed for use in new down merchandise. The collection program started this month initially only in Japan. Some down products from the 2020 Fall/Winter season will use the recycled material.

Uniqlo said they will soon begin their new initiative with Toray that promotes the use of recycled materials.

Toray Industries said that the company challenged themselves to seek solutions for global social issues as they believe that ‘materials can change our lives’.

Next year, Uniqlo will produce Dry-Ex pieces of clothing that combine high-value added polyester fibers derived from reclaimed PET bottles – clothes made from recycled plastic.

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