Uniqlo clothes to be made of 50 per cent recycled materials by 2030

Photo from Inside Retail Asia

By Inside Retail Asia

Fast Retailing has pledged to make 50 per cent of the materials it uses in Uniqlo clothing recycled by FY2030, as part of its broader sustainability action plan.

About 15 per cent of polyester used will be derived from recycled PET bottles by Spring/Summer next year. In addition to polyester, Uniqlo is expanding its introduction of materials that place a lower burden on the environment, starting with synthetic fibres such as rayon and nylon.

“With environmental problems and other serious global issues becoming increasingly evident, we have further advanced our philosophy, and are pursuing measures to show the world a completely new way for clothes to be, while contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society,” said Koji Yanai, group senior executive officer of Fast Retailing.

Fast Retailing also plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent by FY2030, compared with FY2019, by switching all Fast Retailing stores and key offices globally to renewable energy sources. The company aims for approximately 40-per-cent reductions at roadside stores and approximately 20 per cent at mall stores.

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