Understanding the science behind consumer behavior changes – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 22


Retailers know that shoppers are the lifeblood of the business. You can redesign your stores, rearrange how you present your products, put up a website and integrate it with your physical store to meet targets and overcome the hurdles brought about by any crisis, but ultimately knowing and understanding your consumers is definitely the game changer that will put your business to an advantage.

On the 22nd episode of the country’s premier and award-winning retail podcast – Let’s Talk Retail, psychologist and founder of Zana B. Psychological Studio, Zana Busby will impart her expertise on consumer and business psychology, why it is important to know your consumers, how consumers undergo a metamorphosis – including factors influencing changes in their behavior, how brands can establish brand loyalty amidst fluctuations in the behavior and most significantly, how business owners can keep up with the ever-changing consumers?

“The brands need to pay attention to the psychological workings – emotional factors which play a bigger role, so in order to obtain deeper insights, these best insights about your customer can come from asking and understanding what they want, how they feel and what they need. You need to choose to know them on an emotional level so that’s how you can organize your strategy but at the same time you will offer customer satisfaction and build meaningful relationship with your customers which is very important and in almost every industry, the interpretation of emotional factor is really imperative for customer retention and business growth,” said Busby.

Moreover, it is a fact that the pandemic truly changed the way we shop and Zana notably mentioned the vitality of brands — they must show that they care and offer a sense of security especially in their physical stores .

Catch Zana Busby’s scientific yet stimulating episode in Let’s Talk Retail on November 26 at 10 am (PHT) . Go to PRA’s YouTube channel to subscribe and click the bell button to be notified once it premieres.