Turning your Store Operations and Retail Frontliners into transformative leaders


Last year, the retail industry experienced the surge of shoppers who went back to shopping in stores, dining in restaurants, strolling around in community spaces and malls. There were multiple new store openings and sales promos both online and in-store. This vibrancy signals that the industry is now back to normal where people can mingle, shop and relax.

In view of this, the skills and performance of retail frontliners are key to staying relevant in today’s rapidly evolving retail industry. Being able to deliver on the promise of leveling-up the Filipino store operations is significant in providing better retail experience to customers. Amid rising inflation, retailers must be resilient and reconnected on embracing customer success to new heights.

As consumer and travel confidence returns, so as shopping and spending. Every single retailer now wants to get a bigger chunk of the pizza. High competition in Offline and Online Retail is inevitably happening. Are you up for the win? Are your people equipped to work for and achieve the desired business recovery? Is your retail operation appropriate to thrive in this new world? Will The Customer of Today choose to do business with you? Can you ensure Customer Success and guarantee the Essentials of Retail which promote Customer Retention and Customer Addition?

The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) will spearhead its first face-to-face Retail Excellence Seminar Series, one of the retail education programs under the Retail Leadership Academy, this February 28, 2023 at Joy Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila, Pasig City.

In this 52nd retail seminar on “Customer Success First for the Customer of Today while Guaranteeing the Essentials of Retail” will outline the perspective and what’s looking ahead for store operations and frontline leaders to reenergize, reequip, and reinspire The Filipino retailers to confidently thrive in the new retail landscapes; understand the transformed customer of today and know the appropriate approaches and techniques towards customer success; realize that the Essentials of Retail should be made relevant in this changing world, in this new world; strengthen the Filipino retailer skills on business resiliency and recovery as we live in these still sporadically pandemic times; and enhance the entrepreneurial instincts of the Filipino retailers.

More than ever, consumers in today’s dynamic market are now looking to shop with brands with purpose-driven values, engaging, entertaining, and community-centric. You’ll hear expert guidance and customer happiness tips from rockstar retail trainer Francisco Dela Cruz to help your store operations and frontliners drive stronger performance and deliver measurable business results.

Francis is branded as the Rockstar Trainer & Resource Speaker of the Philippines and is a true-blue Retailer by practice and by profession. He is a Certified Leader by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), a Certified Competency Profiler-Developer by the Institute of Human Resource Management Inc. (IHRM), an accredited Tourism Trainer by the Department of Tourism (DOT), and a Regular Trainer & Resource Speaker of the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA).

Owners, operators, and frontliners of food retail, non-food retail, and service retail can attend this half-day seminar. Attendees will increase awareness and mindfulness of the customer of today, optimizing of the essentials of retail, engaging in a more updated, motivated, and inspired retail operators, more practical, more creative, and more confident retailers in recovering and thriving in these challenging times and resilient retail owners and operators amid challenges and uncertainties in our new world.

Is your team ready for 2023? Get ready to infuse new retail operations systems and recapitalize your plan to win over your customer at every touchpoint of the in-store and digital shopping journey and walk away from this session with a vision of what it takes to deliver an outstanding experience and modern retail that drive business outcomes.

To register, click the link https://forms.gle/7ojqjC6nq43tQ7Ci7.

For details, contact PRA Executive Secretariat at specialprojects@philretailers.com / info@philretailers.com.