TravelersBox rolling out in Asia


(Source: Inside Retail Asia | 7 October 2016)

TravelersBox kiosks are being launched in Asian airports allowing travellers to deposit their leftover foreign coins into their preferred online accounts.

More than 40 are expected to be service by the end of the year.

TravelersBox is the first service allowing travellers to convert foreign currency into usable digital currency at airports. First rolled out at Manila airport in the Philippines, the latest kiosks have just come online in Narita International Airport in Japan.

In parallel to the expansion, the company is also launching additional products and services in the kiosks tailored to the Asian market.

Baidu wallet is the first offering, specifically aimed at the Chinese market, the largest travelling population in the world.

“For the Asian market we’ve given specific attention to each traveller’s nationality,” says TravelersBox co-founder/CEO Tomer Zussman. “Services such as Nets FlashPlay Card for Singaporeans, Lazada for Southeast Asian travellers and more will soon be available in the TravelersBox around the world.”

TravelersBox has more than 75 kiosks internationally where travellers can convert their leftover foreign change into digital money with options including iTunes, PayPal, Skype and gift cards such as Gap or Starbucks. There is also a donation button.


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