Top 10 Global Consumer Trends to watch in 2022


By: Retail In Asia

Change was the only constant over the past two years. Resilience and adaptability were tested in 2021, forcing consumers to relinquish control and embrace ambiguity. This year, consumers are taking back the reins and paving a path forward based on their passions and values.

Based on Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022 report, Retail in Asia reveals the emerging and fast-moving trends and personas that are expected to gain traction in 2022:

Climate Changers

Eco-anxiety and the climate emergency drive environmental activism for a net-zero economy. In 2021, 67 percent of global consumers tried to have a positive impact on the environment through their everyday actions. They expect brands to step up and are taking action through the products they purchase.

To respond, businesses are tapping into the growing market for carbon neutrality. Companies are adjusting their portfolios to meet consumer demand for products with a lower planetary and ecological footprint.

Backup Planners

Due to limited resources, consumers are struggling to secure their go-to products. They find creative solutions to purchase or search for next best options. 28 percent of consumers tried to purchase locally sourced products and services in 2021.

Localisation and optimisation will become the norm. Supply chain shortages are forcing businesses to pivot and provide new solutions for customers to access products and services.


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