Toby’s Sports and runnr Advocate Keeping Healthy Through Physical Activity While at Home

Photo from Metro Style

By Metro Style

Due to the pandemic, people have been locked down in their homes for months, which has posed certain challenges to how they’re keeping happy and healthy with little to no exercise.

Toby Claudio, the president of Quorum International Inc., the company behind renowned sports retail brands like Toby’s Sports, runnr, and urbanAthletics, knows only too well the effects of the pandemic on one’s physical and mental well-being.

An avid runner and cyclist, Toby misses the liberating feeling of running and biking for miles across different terrains. And so with the restrictions and self-imposed quarantines, “It’s been tough,” he says, referring both to his health and the business.

But Toby has always been optimistic and resourceful, and this “champion’s mindset” has helped the company through this critical time. “I told my management team: It’s so easy to get discouraged, especially when things don’t go as planned or when you think your plans have gone to waste. But given what we’re going through now, I think what’s important is that we keep moving forward and that we make the most of what we can given our strengths and the opportunities that are presented to us now,” he shares. “To use a bike analogy, because we’re going through rough terrain, it’s less important where we’re headed as long as we keep pedaling.”

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