The world’s best flavored fries has a new home! – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 29


It may have a new home but it is still the “world’s best flavored fries.” Potato Corner, recently acquired by Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. or SPAVI, will continue to offer its globally renowned flavored fries to the world with a new man behind its successful operations.

Mr. Joey Alvero, the newly minted Chief Operating Officer of Potato Corner will be sharing his inspiring journey and experiences on how he was able to rose through the ranks, his best practices working in the hospitality and food retail industry, as well as the lessons he learned throughout his journey and how he is going to use it as he embarks a new chapter in his career.

On SPAVI acquiring Potato Corner, he shared “SPAVI is about WOWing, and our vision is to have a roster of WOW Brands which has strong brand equity, ability to scale, industry leading margins and when we looked at Potato Corner, it ticked all the boxes.”

When asked what sets apart those companies who were successful during the pandemic, he said “those people who look at it more of an opportunity rather than a situation wherein they will sulk, that I think is what differentiated those who were successful during the pandemic versus those who were just there in the sidelines.”

Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode featuring Joey Alvero, COO of Potato Corner will premiere on May 12 at 10:30 am in PRA’s YouTube channel and Spotify account.

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