The path to a sustainable future – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 31


Sustainability is now more than just a buzzword. Since there are growing concerns on the protection of the environment and conservation of the earth’s natural resources, the retail industry initiated major steps on how businesses can be of help to contribute and influence in creating and achieving a greener and a more sustainable future.

Philippines’ homegrown brand and one of the retail businesses that is in the forefront of becoming a sustainable company – Bayo Manila is not slowing down in advocating and achieving sustainable practices and goals that could help save the environment.

As the country’s award-winning retail podcast, Let’s Talk Retail open its fourth season, Anna Lagon, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Bayo Manila will be sharing and highlighting the inspiration behind the 180 degree change in their business by getting into a sustainability concept, the importance of creating a sustainable retail ecosystem, the true essence of value creation, how fashion and social entrepreneurship could go hand-in-hand, and how being a member of the United Nations Global Compact helped them start and launch their sustainability goals.

When asked about the advantage of becoming sustainable, Anna said “You save on the resources that harm the environment but you use that savings to add on to the more valuable materials that you can provide to your customers.”

She also emphasized the significance of understanding what sustainability is and what benefit we can have from it before delving into it right away. “While at it, you’ll learn to discover that by being mindful today is actually benefiting the things that will come tomorrow”, she said.

Watch and listen more to the much-awaited first episode of the fourth season of Let’s Talk Retail with Anna Lagon of Bayo Manila on October 11, 2022 at 10:00 am in PRA’s YouTube Channel and Spotify account.

Together, let’s create a sustainable future by having a sustainable mindset.