The Evolving Customer Experience in the Next Normal



More than a year after this crippling pandemic has started spreading, businesses are still treading to navigate through another wave of infection. Despite this, digital commerce was propelled ten years ahead in less than three months, based on a study published by McKinsey Retail Practice.

It is not a secret that business growth is highly influenced by how well organizations listen to their customers and respond accordingly. Zendesk, a leading customer relationship management tool, reviewed data from 90,000 businesses across 175 countries. They found out that despite the massive shake-up in customer and employee experiences, some things remain the same: building trust and connection is crucial to keeping everyone happy. Here are some CX trends to help your business keep up.

Spotlight on CX

Customers are seeking online experiences. 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions proving that connections matter especially during times of crisis. But not all things have changed. Customers will still defect after multiple bad experiences. 50% will switch to a competitor after one bad experience, to be exact.

A more conversational world

Surprisingly, messaging has received a pandemic boost as well in Latin America and Asia. More customers prefer to message a company through its website or app. Support requests over apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also spiked significantly during the pandemic.

Emphasis on Agility

Teams need to boost their agility internally as the need for reliable customer support surges. Support teams need to quickly scale their operations, streamline workflows across teams, and find opportunities to reduce the demand on agents.

“As the demand for great online experiences rise, companies are not only pushed to cater to it but also to rethink how their teams work. Digital solutions are not only for the select few, but for everyone who cannot afford to get left behind,” says Lara Santos, General Manager of ARGO/SQUAD. ARGO/SQUAD is an e-commerce enabler committed to helping retailers achieve global competitiveness in their online initiatives and an official partner of Zendesk in the Philippines.




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