The Evolution of Customer Experience Management in Retail


By Total Retail

Over the past year, the shift to e-commerce has accelerated across nearly every industry sector. As customers relied heavily on digital channels, brands needed to create meaningful customer experiences with shoppers through a screen. What consumer behaviors and expectations have changed, and how can retailers and brands adapt?

Factors Influencing Customer Loyalty Changed
During the height of the pandemic, many consumers stepped outside their comfort zones when it came to brand loyalty, abandoning favorite brands in favor of convenience or health and safety. This impacted loyalty to stores and loyalty to brands within stores. This was especially true for essential goods, but was also a side effect of choosing a retailer for accessibility and services vs. price or assortment. Loyalties became less important for consumers in a convenience-focused, e-commerce mindset.

As shopping begins to more closely resemble pre-pandemic life, some consumers may revert to their old favorites, but there are behavioral changes that will stick. Brands should look across retailers and channels to understand where their sales are happening and how that has shifted over time. They should evaluate what e-commerce experiences those retailers offer customers and determine what they, as a partner, can do to influence them.

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