The Business Journey of Faraday Go – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 25


Traditionally, when your family runs its own business, you’ll join and start taking responsibilities in a key position in the company. However, Faraday Go, Executive Vice President of Robinsons Land Corporation, opted to explore different roles and was trained by professional managers to help him hone and improve his skills in business.

On the country’s premier and award-winning retail podcast, Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode, Faraday shares his three key learning points that made him successful in leading his progressive team. He instilled virtues on how to manage people, take accountability, and build relationships among employees and workers.

He also shares his thoughts on how to work and cope with different generations, which he also sees as an advantage in his workforce as well as the importance of finding balance in trying to merge the ideas across generations.

“I would listen to them, then I look at the pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages, and from there, we make a decision, a joint decision, I always try to make the team understand the decision we take or understand why the direction we’re going so that we get the full support of everybody and make sure that it’s inclusive”, he said.

Let’s Talk Retail episode 25 with Faraday Go highlights the challenges faced by businesses during this time, such as quarantine restrictions, accelerated shift to digital which affected the whole retail ecosystem as well as maximizing the opportunity of doing business both online and offline, the innovations they made to adapt to the unprecedented changes and silver lining for the year 2022.

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