Sunnies Studios plans expansion into Vietnam


(Source: Inside Retail Asia | September 14, 2018)

Filipino eyewear brand Sunnies Studios has announced plans to expand into Vietnam.

The fashionable brand, specialising in affordable frames for women, has enjoyed a successful run in the Philippines with more than 40 branches. The Vietnam store, expected to open before the end of the year, will be its first international outlet.

Sunnies’ creative director Martine said: “Now that the brand has been really established here, we can finally start looking global because that’s the original vision of Sunnies was always to be a truly global brand for the world – not just for the Philippines, but showing the world what the Philippines can produce also.

“We’ve always wanted to expand in Asia. And Vietnam is so similar to the Philippines I think the market will be equally receptive to the brand.”


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