Startup Zilingo makes entering retail fashion easier for business hopefuls


By Rappler

The fashion and garment industry in the Philippines has shrunk down since its heyday in the early ‘90s, and trade both local and international has struggled to recover since then. In the years leading up to the pandemic, there has been renewed interest in many fronts of the field, and people were optimistic about the resurgence of Filipino fashion.

The pandemic, however, stunted the industry’s regrowth. And many in the industry, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) included, had to transition into online channels for their businesses to recover and survive. To help MSMEs in the retail fashion industry in this process, as well as make it easier for newcomers to enter the market, e-commerce startup Zilingo introduced a new suite of services.

Zilingo is a Singapore-based tech company with offices in eight different countries including the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, the U.S., and more. They offer business-to-business (B2B) end-to-end solutions to their clientele, and also open their doors to any vendor involved within the entire supply chain.

Their business focuses on finding problems along the retail fashion supply line and seeing how a digital solution can be applied. “Zilingo is reimagining the entire supply chain and aggregating all parties within the same platform by offering services and software that can help businesses do better. This has been the brand’s focus since day one,” shared Shiela Mauricio, country manager of Zilingo Philippines.

In a virtual press event, the group shared that they have been able to connect various vendors across the chain, including raw material providers, manufacturers, seamstresses, designers, creatives, packaging suppliers, even financial consultants and branding experts across different countries. By narrowing the gaps between these different parts, they claim to have been able to ease communications and transactions, as well as lower the costs.

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