SPC Group launches world’s first unmanned Baskin Robbins store

Photo from: Inside Retail Asia

By Inside Retail Asia

SPC-owned ice-cream chain, Baskin Robbins, has launched its first unmanned store dubbed ‘Flow’, in Seongnam, southern Seoul.

The new model is part of the company’s strategy to secure brand growth engines and open more opportunities for existing franchisees. The name of the store was inspired by the company’s target to be able to deliver seamless service without face-to-face interaction.

Besides packed products featuring the flavour of the month, Baskin Robbins’ unmanned store is home to 120 kinds of ice cream, including organic, probiotic and limited flavours. A lineup of desserts to pair with ice creams such as cereals and snacks are also available at the store.

Through an IoT unmanned solution, customers can buy ice cream 24/7. According to the company, during the first half of this year, XR technology will be introduced to maximise customers’ offline purchasing experience.

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