Southeast Asia’s Biggest “Mall” is in Your Hands


(Source: | September 2, 2018)

With over 20,000 sellers and tens of millions of products available, Lazada is already the country’s biggest e-commerce platform, but the company is continuing its push into even greater heights. On Friday, August 31, Lazada launched what it called “Southeast Asia’s largest shopping mall.”

LazMall is an in-app and in-site channel that features products from partner brands, much like how a shopping mall functions. While Lazada’s main site is a free-for-all marketplace where big brands share space with smaller sellers, LazMall is more B2C (business-to-consumer), devoted to brands that guarantee product quality and authenticity. Over 70 million products are available in LazMall, including from brand partners like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, JBL, Philipps, Mac (cosmetics), L’Oreal, Dove, Olay, Levi’s and many others.

According to Lazada country CEO Ray Alimurung, what sets LazMall apart from the main Lazada platform are three key promises: all purchases are guaranteed 100-percent genuine (no fakes), shoppers are free to return their purchases within 15 days at no additional charge, and, for customers ordering within Metro Manila, items can be delivered within 24 hours.

During the launch, Alimurung said the concept is similar to how T-Mall spun-off from Taobao, an e-commerce. Both Taobao and Lazada are majority-owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

“Lazada cements its position in the industry by continuously innovating and redefining the shopping experience for shoppers and brands,” Alimurung said. “LazMall is the new way to shop and we are very excited to transform e-commerce into the preferred shopping and selling option of every Filipino.”

Although LazMall is already live, Lazada plans to introduce it to its customers through a region-wide sale on September 9. The platform will offer discounts and bargains ahead of the Christmas season rush for up to 90 percent in the countries where Lazada is present—Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam as well as the Philippines.


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