Sonic Branding Agency HOMONYM Launches Music Partnership with Philippine Retailers Association (PRA)


Manila-based agency Homonym, pioneers of Sonic Branding in the Philippines, has officially partnered with the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA). This bright and promising sound adventure kicked off with the launch of PRA’s very own Sonic Identity and Brand during their Q1 General Membership Meeting last March 16, 2023.

Listen to PRA’s Sonic Brand here.

Homonym Founder and CEO Mike Constantino had this to say about the launch: “…with PRA being the pulse and voice of the retail industry for the past 46 years, there was so much rich history to build on when we created their Sonic Logo. And we’re beyond grateful to be able to literally give them that pulse and voice through Sonic Branding.”

Launching PRA’s sonic brand at their recent General Membership Meeting: Homonym Founder & CEO Mike Constantino, PRA Secretary General Evelyn Salire & Homonym Sonic Solutions Supervisor Cham Perillo.

Crafted via Homonym’s home studio, Sunny Side Sound, the PRA’s Sonic Logo will be utilized in their social content, walk-in music for their board of directors and executives and upcoming events like the 29th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo (NRCE).

PRA Secretary General Evelyn Salire explained the value and importance of the partnership: “We (PRA) are always on the lookout for the latest innovations and technologies to help our members achieve their goals. Mike and I reconnected during the pandemic as we were curious how music can help our members refresh their stores and establishments after a tough past couple of pandemic years. We, along with our members, are excited to be on this audio journey with Homonym.”

Constantino adds: “2023 has been a year of Homonym exploring more collaborations, especially with industries and fields that are not necessarily associated with our usual music and audio world. The PRA is a perfect example of us reaching out to help retailers – respected marketers and branding professionals themselves – utilize the power of sound to uplift customers/store staff to help generate more sales.”

The collaboration opens the doors for active PRA members to utilize Homonym’s services at a preferred rate. The sonic agency can help retailers strategize and create their brand’s sound and differentiate themselves in this highly competitive space. They’re also providing their fully-digital plug-and-play Music Curation Service. This includes real-time uploading of retailers’ messages – which Homonym’s studios also produces in-house – featuring meticulously curated international and local hits (made possible by PRA’s long-time partnership with FILSCAP).

Active PRA members can reach out to the PRA secretariat at or to Homonym at for inquiries and opportunities.

Homonym is the premier Sonic Branding & Music/Audio Marketing agency in the Philippines. Founded in 2016, the agency helps differentiate and build brands using the power of sound.