Robinsons Malls Champions Sustainability by Going Clean & Green

Photo by: JG Summit Holdings, Inc.

By  Robinsons Land and JG Summit Teams

With the impact of climate change too real to ignore, everyone has become more conscious of their own carbon footprint, as well as the sustainability of the goods and services they consume or patronize.

This growing clamor for businesses to be more proactive in reducing pollution and more responsible in their consumption of resources is heard loud and clear at Robinsons Malls, which has put sustainability at the top of its priorities for both future and existing developments. At the forefront of Robinsons Malls’ efforts to go green is its commitment to bring sustainable living within reach to more Filipinos.

“It’s easier to make smarter choices with regard to the environment and one’s lifestyle when eco-friendly solutions are more accessible,” said Robinsons Land Corporation Senior Vice President and Robinsons Malls General Manager Arlene Magtibay. “We want to make sure that our efforts are in line with that, and we want to bring those options for sustainable living to our customers.”

At the heart of its sustainability program is the use of clean renewable energy sources, the installation of water conservation and recycling facilities, the incorporation of energy-saving features in the design of the malls, and solid waste management systems.

Robinsons Malls leads the country in the installation of its own solar panels to replace power sourced from the grid with green and renewable energy. While it holds the record for the world’s largest rooftop solar power installation through Robinsons Starmills, RLC continues to intensify its commitment to a sustainable future by aiming to make all its malls use clean energy.

Robinsons Starmills’ 2.88-megawatt roof-based solar power plant alone is responsible for cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 2,400 MT every year. This is equivalent to doing the work of 40,000 trees in reducing carbon dioxide in the air.

To date, 24 Robinsons Malls are harnessing solar power with a total capacity of about 31 megawatts nationwide. This impressive feat allows Robinsons Malls to generate 110 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy and eliminate over 78,000 MT of carbon dioxide from the environment. This level of carbon dioxide reduction is equivalent to planting around one million trees around the country.

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