RISING AS ONE – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 14


Retailing is one of the most complex sectors in the economic ecosystem. Over time, many retailers failed to sustain their businesses as shifts and disruptions continuously emerge.

Although difficult times are inevitable, a retail gem from the south proved that no matter what challenges they may have faced, if we work together, nothing is impossible and we will rise as one.

Let’s Talk Retail’s 14th episode will feature President and COO, Mr. Manuel Alberto of Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. (MRSGI) – the largest operator of department stores and hypermarkets in the Visayas region.

During the interview, Manuel said “Retail is not for everybody, you have to love retail to be in it.”

The interview will highlight how leadership in retail is critical, significance of identity and essential belonging, importance of not losing the core values of the owners that they have put into the business and of course, how Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. lived up to its theme “We Rise as One Metro Family”

“I know what it’s like to have the family values imprinted all over the organization. A lot of success of top retailers (which are all family-owned) is mainly because of the passion and values the founders have put in” he said.

Join the one-hour insightful interview of Mr. Manuel Alberto on episode 14 of Let’s Talk Retail which will premiere on May 6.

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