Retailing in a world of uncertainty–Lets Talk Retail 12th episode


There is no denying that the retail industry has faced different crises over the years. And
as retailers try to figure out when and how to move past the disruption brought about
by the pandemic, they must also know how to navigate in the new normal.

In the next episode of the PRA Let’s Talk Retail, Alan Treadgold, the founding partner of
Candezent Advisory, a global partnership of highly experienced senior business
executives and advisors, will share why he prefers the idea of next normal rather than a
new normal, as it better captures the future the industry is moving into.

Moreover, since we are currently facing unprecedented changes, he said that “the world
is going to look very differently for retailers and the change that retailers need to get
used to is that we are operating in an environment defined by great uncertainty. We are
in a world where a lot of change is going to be unanticipated.”

“The ability to operate in an environment that is defined by uncertainty and to build
resilience into your retail business to equip yourself to deal with the uncertainty is going
to be very defining on who will be successful and not successful in this next normal,” he

Evidently, retailers must be prepared to keep up with the changes in the retail
ecosystem to survive and thrive in this era.

Catch the premiere of Alan Treadgold’s whole interview on Wednesday, January 27 as
he shares with us more of how retailers can respond to the environment of uncertainty
and navigate the new retail landscape.

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