Retailers express support to government vaccination drive


By Philstar

The country’s group of retailers is backing the government’s call to the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to help revive the economy and restore jobs.

Philippine Retailers Association president Rosemarie Ong said the group is urging citizens to do their part to get inoculated against the virus.

“Our efforts to rebuild our economy and the livelihood of our people depend on our people having the confidence to live in the new normal knowing that they are safe and secure,” she said.

She said the sooner the country achieves herd immunity or has at least 70 percent of its population vaccinated, the faster it would be to return to normalcy.

“Let not our fears of the unknown cripple us into inaction. Our retail industry frontliners have long been equally exposed to the virus but they have continued to serve the public. The vaccine will give us all a sense of strength that we now have a fighting chance to survive the pandemic and look to a more positive and hopeful future,” she said.

Amid vaccine hesitancy, both the government and the private sector are coming up with ways to boost confidence in the COVID-19 jabs.

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