Retailers asked to help in fight vs fake tax stamps on cigarettes


PRA President Paul Santos was at today’s BIR meeting called to address the proliferation of fake tax stamps on cigarettes.

The meeting was specifically called for by BIR Commissioner Caesar Dulay, who asked those present for ideas on how retailers can help on this matter. In the beginning, it was proposed that cigarette retailers are to be made primarily responsible for ensuring that the tax stamps are genuine, but Commissioner Dulay said cigarette manufacturers and distributors should be responsible as well. Another meeting will be convened where more manufacturers, distributors, and retailers will be invited to come up with more concrete ways of addressing this problem.

One suggestion forwarded was that retailers can verify if a cigarette tax stamp is genuine or not by scanning a QR code printed on it using an Android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

PRA President Santos urged retailers affected by this issue to actively participate in the coming meetings to be called by BIR.