Retail Trends for 2023

Photo from: Panay News

By Panay News

Retail purchase experiences and journeys have become more complex post-pandemic. Shoppers expect more than just a great product. They want an enjoyable and more streamlined shopping experience.

What can you expect in 2023? Check out these trends!

  1. A better Omnichannel retail customer experience – Retail store owners have always focused on their physical stores for good reason. But for 2023, brands have to acknowledge that digital stores will be preferred. With this in mind, retailers should invest in good omnichannel customer experiences to engage with shoppers wherever they find their business.

Omnichannels boost sales and can, in fact, increase orders five times more. Omnichannel shoppers spend 10 percent more online than their in-store counterparts. Half of all shoppers also look at products online before buying them in the store.

  1. Hyperpersonalization – This is more than just sending customers emails or having their names on the subject line. Shoppers expect bespoke experiences that speak to them via product suggestions, cross-sells, and sizing.

Seventy-two percent of shoppers reply to retail marketing messages if they are personalized. In this light, retailers must invest in software or customer care protocols that collect and analyze data for personalization.

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