Retail: Ready, Re/set, GROW! – 28th NRCE


The National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo (NRCE) has been the go-to event of like-minded retailers and suppliers in the country to uncover valuable trends, developments and innovations in the retail arena for the past 28 years. And as the hardworking organization behind the country’s BIGGEST retail industry event, the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) is ever-committed to bring the NRCE two notches higher as we head and speed up to the path of recovery.

As such, the 28th NRCE will be in a hybrid format to provide its attendees a larger scale of networking, learning and collaboration.  This will enable them to have a live and seamless experience in getting the first dibs to exclusive and data-backed content from global experts to aid businesses recover from setbacks and rise above the challenges that will come along the way as we turn the page to a new chapter.

And as we aim for a better business moving forward, the 28th NRCE committee headed by Rustan Commercial Corporation President, Mr. Donnie Tantoco together with NRCE Conference chairmen, Mr. Sam Gregory Lim, Vice President of Blims Lifestyle and Mr. Bryan Liu, E-commerce and Business Transformation Director of Golden ABC together with the PRA board of directors is proud to announce this year’s theme “Retail: Ready, Re/set/ GROW!”

Retail, as a dynamic industry, has shown time and again its insurmountable resiliency over the years as it surpasses many adversities. And even though odds sometimes were not in its favor, by working together, it is without doubt that retailers will then emerge victorious and stronger than ever.

Consequently, as retailers and its allied industries begin to turn a new leaf, it is high time to look for novel and innovative ways to get READY as we step into a new chapter, RE/SET the whole retail ecosystem by taking into advantage new skills, new mindsets and new approaches to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the consumers, and face a new beginning, head on, as we aim to achieve greater success by helping each other to GROW amidst new market conditions and forces.

The 28th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo will go LIVE physically and digitally on August 11-12, 2022. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts to get the latest updates!