Retail associates get special treats on Retail Employees Day


On the second year celebration of the Retail Employees Day (RED) in the country, retailers showed their appreciation to their frontliners and associates through different ways to make them feel special last December 12.

The celebration was initiated and promoted by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) in the country, with the theme “Celebrating the Hearts and Hands of Retail” for the 2019 celebration.

The initiative once again received positive feedback and a good number of participation from PRA member companies which prepared various activities and treats for their employees, including face-painting, store visit and gift distribution, photo booth, recognition and awarding, and many more.

Stores which took part in the celebration were decorated by red balloons and hearts and hands icons, among others as response to this year’s theme. Many store associates also donned red shirt as their way of celebrating.

RED was started in India in 2011 by the Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN), and widely spread to different parts of the world with 700 brands and six million employees participating. It has been celebrated in different parts of the globe, with largest participation in India, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

The celebration seeks to encourage employers as well as customers to recognize the efforts of retail employees across the country. The day also aims to create awareness among retail employees the significant role they play in the lives of the customers and in the business they serve.

The PRA encourages retail companies to make this a yearly tradition as a way of thanking their employees and fostering a harmonious relationship between them and their personnel.