Project Pie slices all but one store


(Source: Inside Retail Asia | September 8, 2017)

Project Pie, the pizza outlet that lets customers devise their own toppings, has closed all but one of its stores in the Philippines.

After “four years of pizza awesomeness”, the US-based pizza chain has announced on social media it will be “graduating” its stores from the Philippine market. However, its Project Pie Block 28 in Alabang will stay open “as our last hoorah”.

After establishing itself in the US, Project Pie moved into Manila in 2013, allowing diners to order nine-inch customisable pizzas. It expanded to eight branches, both in malls and stand-alone locations.

Fans said their farewells in the chain’s social-media comments section … “Don’t do this to me,” wrote one fan. “I am speechless,” wrote another. “My number-one favorite pizza left me.”

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