Profit from pandemic at your own risk

Photo from: Canva


If your brand is prioritizing people over profit amid this pandemic, then good for you, as recent research reveals such action improves customer trust.

According to a survey by “experience management” company Qualtrics, the actions that brands take during this global health crisis highly matter to Filipinos, given that 88 percent said these actions were essential to cultivating trust among consumers.

The survey, conducted among 330 respondents in June, also identifies what these courses of action should be, in relation to businesses’ response to the crisis, and their marketing, brand and advertising campaigns moving forward.

The results show that “not taking advantage of a crisis to maximize profits” (39 percent), as well as “taking care of customers” and “maintaining reasonable pricing” (both at 34 percent) are brand actions that would increase Filipino consumers’ trust in businesses.

On the other hand, what matters least to them, according to Qualtrics, are “providing new products and services tailored to the crisis (14 percent), and “statements about strong moral principles (12 percent).”


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