PRA recognizes logistics’ importance in retail business


Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) President Paul A. Santos recognized the importance of having a seamless and organized logistics system in retail business during the E-com Logistics Show in Bangkok, Thailand on April 27, 2017.

In his welcome remarks, President Santos said the PRA knows that the role of logistics is important in the quality and availability of supplies in the retail market, which then ensures good profit.

“Moreover, with the rise of e-commerce, logistics is requisite in providing good service to the customers,” he said.

The PRA is a partner of the E-com Logistics Show, which is a dedicated event on E-commerce Logistic Industry in Southeast Asia. Among the show’s focus includes IT solutions, In-house solutions and freight transport system. It also covers e-retail supply chain, postal services and logistics providers.

In the show’s website, it says that participants will have an opportunity to get a “hands-on” experience of the developing ASEAN e-commerce logistics market, acquire new clients, personally meet with the target audience, gain a deeper understanding of clients’ requirements, boost brand awareness, and interact with colleagues.

Affirming PRA’s support to the event, President Santos hopes that the timely event will be an eye-opener for retailers and storeowners on the importance of logistics in their enterprises, especially for those who are aiming to expand their business in the field of e-commerce.

“Aside from promoting logistics systems, it is also refreshing to know that e-commerce is being tackled here which has become a buzzword in the world of retail in the recent years. E-commerce or e-retailing may be present for quite some time already but some may still not feel its impact on consumers’ behavior.”

“The PRA is very enthusiastic to join in an endeavor like this, as we recognize the significance of well-organized flow of goods for a successful business as well as valuable innovations including e-commerce” he added.

The show, in concurrent with Asia Warehousing Show, runs from April 27-29, 2017.