PRA conducts 50th RetailEXL Seminar on Best Practices in Store Atmospherics


Over 80 attendees learned the best practices in store atmospherics at the 50th Retail Excellence Seminar Series (RetailEXL) last November 7, 2019 at Discovery Suites, Pasig City.

The RetailEXL, which is the last for this year aimed to provide retailers, managers, and store planners, among others contemporary strategies to influence shoppers’ buying behavior from, seasoned Retail Consultant Natalie Tan.

She shared some of the most effective way of designing and planning store layout to entice customers, not only to come in to the store, but to buy, along with case studies of successful retailers, some of which her own projects.

“Silent Selling Strategy begins even before a customer walks into the shop. Messages are layered from the entrance all the way to the merchandise display,” Natalie explained.

“This creates an almost logical sequence to an item’s eventual purchase. More powerful than the customer’s need for an item is the emotional connection generated by silent selling. Ultimately, the goal is to create an emotional bond between your customers, your shop and the very products you sell.”

She also noticed that many local stores in malls, are not taking advantage of their silent selling strategies, and instead of inviting people to come in, often their layout hinders people to go inside and buy.

The number one silent selling partner is and the one that has the best return of investment is the signage, according to Natalie.

“The hierarchy of signage just like when you go to a fast food place. You have a menu board, then you have right by the cashier registry, banners on upsizing your fries or drinks, then you have the tray liner, and tent card at the table,” she explained.

“In retail store, it’s the similar hierarchy, why should I check out or visit each of your fixture in a store if there’s no signage. You are not giving me any reason why I should be checking them.”

Retail EXL is a series of seminars organized by the Philippine Retailers Association aimed at upgrading and updating the skills and competencies of retailers and helping create a more competitive retail workforce. This is done in partnership with industry experts and experienced trainers.

To learn more about the upcoming PRA seminars, visit, contact PRA Executive Secretariat at 8687-4180/81 or email at Look for Ivan Verzonilla or Norie Martinez.