Paul & Shark opens in new Luxe Duty Free store


(Source: DFNI Frontier | November 6, 2018)

Italian luxury sports and lifestyle clothing company Paul & Shark has opened a luxury concept store in The Philippines at the new Luxe Duty Free Store.

Paul & Shark’s new 33sqm space, which is due to open officially this month, has been designed in accordance with Paul & Shark’s sleek new store design. Located on the ground floor, the store carries highlights from the brand’s technical collection including the Ultra-light down jacket, Typhoon, as well as patterned and reflective garments.

“We are honoured to be a part of [the] Duty Free Luxe store,” says Catherine Bonelli, Paul & Shark’s GTR Director. “The new store is looking great. I’d like to thank Duty Free Philippines for this opportunity.”

The 4,500sqm luxury mall, operated by Duty Free Philippines, is aiming to be the biggest galleria-style store situated within the destination leisure and entertainment retail enclave.

The Philippines is a growing destination choice for Chinese tourists, with the country expecting to attract 2 million Chinese visitors in 2018, according to a Xinhuanet report.


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