Paris Miki Philippines debuts


(Source: Inside Retail Philippines | 22 June 2016)

Japan’s largest eyewear retailer by sales and stores, Paris Miki, has opened its first store in Manila at the S Maison Mall.

The new shopping mall is part of the recently opened five-star Conrad Hotel along Manila Bay.

Paris Miki has been known in the industry for more than 80 years for its specialization in prescription glasses and fashion eyewear. The look of Paris Miki’s in-house brands fuses design and quality.

Dr Aby Paguyo, CEO of Paris Miki Philippines, says the brand’s high-quality eyeglasses are on a par with international brands.

The company says its products are made by Japanese craftsmen from Sabae, Fukui Prefecture using durable materials such as titanium and gunmetal.

Aside from Japanese handcrafted eyewear by artisan makers, Paris Miki also offers products from all over the world. Paguyo says these products have passed the Japanese standard of quality control.

Paris Miki manages 867 stores with 122 retail shops, mainly in Asia, America and Australia.


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