Online stores must complement physical shops, says retailer group



PRA President Rosemarie B. ong talks was interviewed by Cathy Yang in Market Edge at ANC on April 9, 2019.

During the interview, President Ong highlighted the importance of data and technology for retailers to learnn more about their customers and to enhance their service.

Retailers need not worry about technology supplanting physical stores, she said during the interview.

President Ong said that instead of pitting “brick and mortar” stores against their online counterparts, where people just “click” to buy things, retailers should look at how “clicks” can complement “bricks.”

Ong, senior vice president and COO of construction hardware and home furnishings retailer Wilcon, said in her company’s experience, the launch of its online store sent more foot traffic to their physical stores.

“In Wilcon, we have the physical store, we have the products that you see there but we also enhance it with our hub,” Ong said in an interview with ANC’s “Market Edge.”

Customers often browse items on their online store and read info about things they want to buy, but they also personally check out these items at Wilcon’s physical stores.

Ong said Filipino customers still want a human connection, and they want to see, feel and touch an item before buying it.

The impact of technology, including artificial intelligence, on the retail industry will be one of the main topics in this year’s National Retail Conference and Exhibition, which will be held in August, said Ong.

The article is originally published HERE on April 9, 2019. View the video on the same link.