NPC: Always protect your personal data



The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has advised the public to be vigilant and extra cautions during this Holiday Season, as online scammers and hackers don’t choose when to attack in using someone’s personal identity online.

In an advisory, the NPC highlighted ways on how the public’s vacation mode will not be ruined by cyber criminals.
“Data Privacy-Safe Holiday Advisory starts with your personal belongings. You must protect your identity and account information from your ID, credit and debit cards containing your personal data,” the NPC said.

As it advised the public to be wary when going out by bringing only necessary ID and bank cards, noting that a person should always keep a back-up copy or photos of vital cards such as debit and credit cards in a safe storage.

Secondly, the NPC is urging consumers to destroy the receipts for items ordered online.

Lastly, the NPC told the public not to leave their things unattended, emphasizing that online protection is one thing, but keeping your gadgets and hard files secured is another.


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