“Nasa Lazada ‘Yan!” – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 28


Nowadays, every item that you see, everything that you want to buy is basically found in an e-commerce platform. You get to shop anytime, anywhere with just a touch of your fingertips. But before the convenience you are experiencing right now, it took a lot of planning, implementing and launching different strategies to attain where Lazada Philippines is right now.

Indeed, Lazada Philippines never disappoints its customers, offering a wide variety of products and services that proves their tagline that everything you need “nasa Lazada yan” to be true. But how did they make it happen?

That is what the new episode of the country’s award-winning podcast, Let’s Talk Retail, is all about. Ray Alimurung, CEO of Lazada Philippines, will elaborate his experience being at the helm of the largest e-commerce player in the country, Lazada’s humble beginnings, innovations and improvements in their operations and platform over the years, Lazada’s vision and the importance of taking care both customers and sellers of the said platform.

When asked about his message to fellow retail leaders about e-commerce, he said “E-commerce is here to stay. It grew exponentially during the pandemic and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s mandatory to have a digital strategy, ideally one that’s considering your offline channel and you have to be where the consumers are and follow where the growth is. E-commerce is not just an additional marketing channel, it’s a business model and you need to treat it accordingly by investing to resources necessary – team, product, marketing and operations.”

Tune in to the latest episode of Let’s Talk Retail featuring the man behind Lazada Philippines’ success, Ray Alimurung on April 4, 2022 at 10 am in PRA’s YouTube channel and Spotify account.

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