Mobile-first shopping on the rise


(Source: | September 28, 2018)

Filipinos are more likely to start their holiday shopping by browsing products on mobile devices instead of going window shopping, according to a new study commissioned by Facebook.

The survey found out that three in five Filipino shoppers agree that using mobile help them to make more informed decisions for their holiday shopping.

Fifty percent of shoppers agree that it is more convenient than going to a store while 35 percent of those who want to change their shopping habits plan to shift their shopping to mobile devices.

“Filipinos think about Christmas as early as September, and while they may not be in physical stores yet, seeing products online on Facebook or Instagram is just as powerful as window shopping–it helps make products and brands top of mind for when consumers need to start deciding on a purchase,” said John Rubio, Facebook Philippines director.

Ninety-four percent of those surveyed said Facebook influences their holiday shopping while 67 percent claimed Instagram influenced them.

Even while browsing in stores, shoppers continue to use mobile devices to do some research while deciding what to purchase. Sixty-four percent said they continue browsing the internet on their phones while walking the aisles of shopping centers to come to a decision while 72 percent of respondents said they browse to compare prices.
Sixty-six percent said they read product reviews and compare competing brands.

“Businesses stand to benefit by ensuring they target consumers through their devices, through content-driven campaigns. Videos are they type of thumb-stopping posts that attracts consumers as they browse through their Facebook or Instagram feed,” Facebook said in a statement.

For Philippine Retailers Association Cebu Chapter president Robert Go, this trend is to be expected, especially in big cities like Manila and Cebu.

He said proprietors of brick and mortar stores should not see this as a threat.
“It is a trend that every retailer should (look into). They should take advantage of this in trying to catch millennials who always check (what is going on) on the internet,” Go said.

Millennials make up 69% of mobile-first shopping while those that belong to Generation X make up 28%. The Philippines saw an increase of 18% in millennials who go mobile-first for holiday shopping.
The online study involved 1,504 respondents aged 18 years old and above.


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