MMDA “Light Trucks” ban in MM to start March 20


The Metropolitan Manila Development has issued  MMDA Regulation No. 17-001  – Establishing a uniform “Light Trucks” ban in Metropolitan Manila.

In a meeting with MMDA with some of the PRA members, it was discussed that a dry run will be conducted on March 15-18, which will be an information drive as well. During the period violators will not yet be apprehended.

The implementation however will start on March 20 until June 15, 2017. Violators who will be penalized P2,000.

Light trucks included in the ban are those with gross capacity of 4,500 kg. and below. These will be prohibited to ply EDSA Southbound  from 6-10AM , EDSA Northbound from 5-10PM, and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong and Pasig Cities during 6-10AM and 5-10PM.