Metro Retail starts expansion


(Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer | Jan. 2, 2016)

Newly listed Visayan retailing giant Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. (MRSGI) is riding on the buoyant consumer spending in the country by expanding its delivery fleet and distribution infrastructure.

“We aim to be a leader in retail supply chain management and meet our customers’ demand for world-class services,” MRSGI chair and chief executive officer Frank Gaisano said in a recent statement.

Gaisano recently led the turnover of 37 new delivery trucks from Isuzu Philippines Corp. and 30 new delivery trucks from Hino Philippines to MRSGI’s logistics facility in Silangan, Laguna.

In line with MRSGI’s objective to improve logistic capabilities, the company teamed up with Isuzu Philippines for the acquisition of 13 units of Isuzu FVM 10-wheeler trucks with aluminum wing van, 12 units of NKR71 with refrigerated van body and 12 units of NKR71 with aluminum body.

The company also teamed up with Hino Philippines for the acquisition of 16 units of SH1E tractor head and 14 units of WU342L 6-wheeler truck with aluminum van body.

The new fleet will be deployed to MRSGI’s 46-store network that serves over 250,000 customers daily, the company said.

To ensure timely delivery of goods and improve overall cost efficiency, MRSGI plans to equip all its in-house delivery trucks with tracking devices that will enable real-time monitoring from the company’s control center. “Employing the latest technology is a key innovation that will drive our business forward,” said Gaisano, highlighting the company’s commitment to continuously upgrade its infrastructure.

Alongside its investments in technology and equipment, MRSGI also plans to hire 130 personnel to join its team of engineers, mechanics, customer service representatives, traffic controllers, and cost and transport specialists who support the company’s growing logistics and supply chain network.

MRSGI has also committed to train its drivers on safety, driving efficiency, and customer service delivery in line with its thrust to provide friendly and responsive service to its customers. “We have a comprehensive approach to improving service delivery,” said Gaisano, who explained that “good customer service does not stop with store associates, but is reflected in every aspect of the company’s operations, including supply chain management and back-end services.”

Armed with fresh capital for expansion, MRSGI—which listed back in November—planned to open 50 to 70 new stores to double its nationwide retailing footprint in the next five years.  The group currently has around 400,000 square meters of gross floor area across its 46 stores, making it the largest retailer in Visayas and the fourth largest nationwide.

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