Saturday, November 27, 2021

Membership Qualifications

Who can be members of PRA?

As a volunteer trade/business organization, membership in the PRA is open to all companies involved in the distribution chain. Retailers, mall / shopping center operators, manufacturers/wholesalers/distributors, and suppliers of products and services to the retail industry, e.g. credit cards, retail information technology, POS systems, security systems, among others, are qualified for membership either as Regular, Associate or Chapter member. Membership Classification 

Membership in the PRA is divided into 3 categories: Regular, Associate, and Chapter members

  • Regular Members are those companies that are directly involved in the retail business with min. 1 year in operations
  • Associate Members are any individual, corporation, or entity engaged in the business of supplying services, equipment, supplies and/or materials to the retail industry.
  • Chapter Members are any organized group of retailers doing business in the Philippines.

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