Mall of Korea plans more shopping malls in Thailand


(Source: Retail in Asia | 2 September 2016)

The Mall of Korea (MOK), a group of Korean entertainment companies, is set to expand its business in Thailand, beginning with a new shopping mall at Show DC, scheduled to open its doors in November.

MOK already occupies 18,000 square metres with an investment of Bt1 billion in the K-District project at Show DC in Bangkok. MOK will manage and scout for more tenants, particularly small and medium-sized businesses from South Korea to expand their business in Thailand and across the world.

Sarah Kim, chairman of the executive committee of MOK, said MOK would open the first project in Bangkok at Show DC this year. It also plans to open about 10 branches throughout Southeast Asia as well as in other continents.

MOK is a Korean global content provider, and it exports and/or operates Korean contents, such as retail brands, food and beverage, K-culture, with online and offline shopping mall partners from all over the world.

With top Korean experts from various fields and the close relationship with the Korean entertainment network, it will provide Hallyu (K-Wave) and Korean brands overseas, including an academy, beauty, clinic, gym and so on.

Under the MOK, there are several sub-brands and subsidiaries for the business as such K District-Korean walking street (a combination of Korean brands, current Seoul fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle products multi-store, MOK Hall, Korean Celebrities’ food and beverage stores, and K-Super – a Korean Supermarket.

The K District at Show DC in Bangkok will officially open its doors on November 18, aiming to woo shoppers who fancy Korean brands and culture.


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