Lush goes naked to eliminate plastic waste


(Source: Retail Customer Experience | June 29, 2018)

Lush, a cosmetics and beauty retailer, has launched a “naked” store in a quest to reduce the increasing global plastic waste phenomenon.

The store, which opened in Milan earlier this month, sells products free of all packaging, according to a Plant Based News report.

The store is “a new experiment for the brand, the shop is a celebration of innovation and creativity through products totally free of packaging and, through in-store events, workshops and film screenings, aims to be a place for customers to share and exchange ideas for a future without plastic,” said a spokesperson in a statement to Plant Based News.

Lush has also developed a vegan-friendly Turtle Jelly Bomb that, when dropped in water, releases agar seaweed strands which it said serve as a reminder to the threat being faced by sea turtles across the world.

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