Localizing a Global Brand – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 17


They say that experiencing “convenience” is a luxury but in this modern day, convenience is reachable and affordable.

As we deal with our busy lives, we sometimes find ourselves wondering how we can find the time to get things done like preparing our meals, paying the bills or simply buying a necessity.

And with the help of innovation trying to improve our way of living in the most efficient way, comes the birth of convenience stores.

Evidently one stop shops are popping everywhere which offer a wide range of food and services making our lives easy. But have you ever wondered how they come up with such concepts? And what are the strategies they have put in place to localize a widely known brand to cater to the ever-changing needs (and wants) of the consumers?

On Let’s Talk Retail’s 17th episode, we will be featuring a brand that has received nothing but love from its Filipino consumers – the second largest convenience store retail chain in the world, FamilyMart.

Let us join Philippine FamilyMart’s General Manager Celina Matias as she imparts with us the ups and downs of acquiring a global brand and how her arsenal background in advertising and marketing has helped localize the brand which is now patronized by the Philippine market.

“Before we bought FamilyMart, it was actually owned by four conglomerates and was clearly positioned as a convenience store. After the acquisition, there was clearly not much repositioning that we had to do but what we did is we actually leveraged further the strength of the brand”, Celina said.

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