Life After Lockdown: Fashion and beauty brands try to win back shoppers, plan for the long-term

Photos from: Bench, Penshoppe FB pages

By: Philstar

As cities reopen one after another after half of the world’s population spent time on lockdown, getting new clothes are understandably not on people’s list of urgent priorities. Fashion’s near future looked bleak but self-care emerged more valued, opening opportunities for the beauty industry, particularly skin and personal care.

Designers and fashion brands redirected labor and other resources toward the production of personal protective equipment (PPEs), alcohol and other sanitizers with decline for new clothes.

Malls are now partially open, but these centers of Filipinos’ weekend and after-work life continue to sell online and deliver to customers.

Online sellers and salons try to assure clients and customers that personnel observe proper sanitation and social distancing in their physical establishments.

More sustainable solutions are favored as the fashion industry plans for the long-term.


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